The name URIDGE originates from Sussex. My theory is that the Sussex URIDGEs of the 16th & 17th centuries are connected, and they are the ancestors of the (E)URIDGE families today.

 County of Sussex, England


The earliest ancestor I can directly trace back to is John URIDGE & Rebecca JEFF of Buxted, Sussex. They married in 1745 at St. Michaels, Withyham, Sussex. John & Rebecca had eight children, including Henry URIDGE who had nine children. Most of the descendants were farmers, and today they still farm the same land after 250 years.

Henry's great grandson, Walter George URIDGE, travelled further afield. In approximately 1881, he emigrated and started the Californian branch of the family. His cousin, Henry URIDGE, son of George URIDGE and Sarah Gilbert GARDNER, joined him in 1893.

Nearer to home, Henry's grandson Isaac URIDGE, moved to Bromley, Kent, where he became the founder of several grocery stores in the area. Uridge Corner, in Bromley, is where the main store was located, and several roads are named after this eminent family. Further local history on this location is available at A Bromley Ghost Sign - Uridge's Stores.