There were five main branches of URIDGEs that originated in Kent in the 18th Century:


 County of Kent, England



In 1746, John & Catharine URIDGE, my direct ancestors, lived in Eynsford, Kent. The first record is the baptism of their son John in 1746. A further five generations are recorded in Eynsford parish registers. John's descendancy chart shows nine generations. 

Unfortunately there are several possible connections back beyond that date, however nothing substantiated. However, I am quite confident though that John is connected to the Sussex Uridges.


In 1852, Isaac URIDGE married Elizabeth OBBARD in Hamsey, Sussex. Isaac opened several grocery shops in Kent. Isaac died in 1874, leaving a widow and ten children.

Isaac was the great-grandson of John URIDGE from Buxted, Sussex. John's descendancy chart shows nine generations.

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William URIDGE

In 1754, William and Elizabeth URIDGE, lived in Meopham, Kent. They had three children. The youngest was George. who had fifteen children. Descendants of these children are now living in Australia, and in London. George's descendancy chart shows seven generations.


John URIDGE married Mary HARCOURT at Deptford St Paul, London. They had seven children. Their first-born, also called John, was born in 1816 in Sydenham, Kent who married Sarah DROVER in 1836. John and Sarah had twelve children. Descendants of this family now live in other parts of England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. John's descendancy chart shows seven generations.


In 1732,  Isaac URIDGE, was born at Penshurst, Kent. He married Sarah CRUNDEL in 1759 at Pembury, Kent. They had six children. Very little is known about this branch. However, two of their grandsons, Edgar and Isaac owned Cage Green windmill in Kent, and also operated Southborough windmill.  

There are no traces of either mill today - except two roads named after the Uridges in Tonbridge (Cage Green). Photographs and additional information on mills owned by Uridges is available here..